Stars & Galaxies


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A vibrant violet which gives a high shine metal finish on a dark coloured base and a subtle violet effect on a light coloured base.

For a mirror finish effect, apply over a no-wipe top coat. 

How to use:

  1. Apply and cure a base colour of choice
  2. Apply a no-wipe top gel and cure
  3. Use an eyeshadow applicator or silicone nail tool apply and buff a fine layer of powder over the surface of the nail
  4. IMPORTANT STEP: Use a soft brush to remove excess powder particles from the nail surface (otherwise the nail will sparkle losing the mirror finish)
  5. Apply a layer of top gel and seal in the edges.

TIP: Apply to and seal up to 3 nails at a time to prevent top gel from absorbing the powder.

For a slightly sparkly finish apply over a tacky dispersion layer and cure.

Additional TIPS:
Apply over pastel coloured ombre nails for a unique unicorn look
Mix different powders to create unique rainbow effects.

Professional use only. 


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Size: 3g                                                                                                                      
Note: This product is packaged in a 5g-sized jar; therefore it will not be filled to the top.